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Many homecoming dresses, prom gowns, or wedding and bride maids dresses require professional adjustments for a customized, comfortable, seamless fit. Fortunately, the tailors at Ari Tailoring specialize in offering a wide range of formal gown alteration options. We can even work with vintage homecoming and formal dresses featuring unique fabrics and embellishments.


Custom Garmets

At Air Tailoring we offer services for both custom and bespoke garments. Fittings are performed with unfinished garments, allowing our team to perfect your fit during the process. Your custom garments are handmade to your body and preferences by investing many man-hours into each bespoke outfit from our professional cutters, sewers, and buttonhole makers. We pay special attention to each of your measurements, as well as, your personal style appointments. With incredible custom fitting garments, you will have increased confidence because when you look good, you feel good. Bespoke tailoring brings you to your full potential and allows you to focus on the task at hand, knowing that you are presenting your best self to the world.



For a simple garment fix, our alterations specialists are the right choice. Our alterations expert usually attends to simple tasks such as hemming of a dress or skirt, shortening of pants or adjusting the waistline of a garment, while our tailors are trained to find out-of-the-box solutions. Our tailors also have special skill and training needed to tackle tricky refitting situations. Our experienced tailors know the secret to making the necessary modifications – without leaving any visible clues. When you find a tailor and alterations expert like Shahnaz Ben Selma, stick with her. You’ll build an important relationship with an expert who, like a best friend, will understand what you want as soon as you walk in the door. Isn’t that the best custom-fit of all?


Uniform Alterations

We specialize in alterations of Military, Police, and Emergency Services Uniforms because at Ari Tailoring, we want to help those serving our country and communities to look their best. Whether you are in need of new patches, or alterations for dress uniforms such as Class A suits, we can help.


Wedding Attire

We will make your special day a memorable one by meeting all of your wedding attire needs. We specialize in formal wear and fancy dress alterations from wedding gowns and bridesmaid gowns, to stage wear and prom dresses, our tailors will make you stand out from the crowd. Make a grand entrance on your special day!


Household Items

Hold on to your favorite cushions, drapes, sheets, comforters, blankets and other favorite household items that may need repairs. At Ari Tailoring we are here to repair or alter any of your household garments to beautify your living spaces. The cut and style of your curtains can tie together the look of your space. Bring in the fabric of your choice and we can create the draperies you imagine with specialized details. We have the skills and knowledge to create curtains with the simplest to the most intricate design.


Organic Dry Cleaning

Did you know that three out of four drycleaners across the U.S. use a toxic chemical called perchloroethylene (PERC) for cleaning your clothes? Perchloroethylene is widely popular because it is cheap and evaporates easily into the air - hence the "dry" in drycleaning. Long-term exposure to PERC can cause serious harm and even increase your risk to cancer. We use only organic cleaning solvents that are approved by the EPA, and which can actually extend the life of your garments as well as make them look and feel better. Our mission is to provide our customers with the very best in cleaning services and expert alterations for all of their garment, household linens, and restoration needs.

Additional Services

Tuxedo Alterations

Bridesmaid Dress Alterations

Prom Dress Alterations

Homecoming Alterations

Coat / Jacket Re-Lining

Suit Alterations and Resizing

Outerwear Alterations

Sports coat and Blazer Restyling

Costume Alterations

Minor Repairs

Hem or sleeve length adjustments

button repairs

zipper repairs

Snap repairs

Strap adjustments & additions

Add/subtract buttonholes

Military uniforms minor repairs

Leather and suede repairs

Hole patching

How it works?

Tailors are a bit like barbers. It can take a bit of work to find a good one, and once you do, you should hold on to them for dear life. The quality of your alterations depends on the quality of your tailor and here at Ari Tailoring your needs are our number one priority. 
The easiest way to improve your wardrobe is to bring them to us. Since all clothes are designed for an ideal body, they often fit you and others differently. That means you can often improve the look of your clothes by having things nipped and tucked here and there — taking in the waist or shortening the sleeves, adjusting the length of your trousers so they fall perfectly over your shoes. For a few bucks, you can get off-the-rack clothes that look 90% on their way to being custom made just for you!  You can also purchase your own fabric and have us custom tailor it to be or of a kind just for you. 

The Process

Figuring out what can be altered heavily depends on a case-by-case basis. There aren’t any hard and fast rules, but our expert seamstress will meet with you to discuss your specific needs.
Because garments are tailored to fit your body specifically, our tailors need to spend some time with you to take accurate measurements and determine your goals for the garment. You can get the most out of your appointment with our tailors by following these tips:
At Ari Tailoring, our alterations tailor specializes in altering clothing for adjustments and repairs. We understand that when you look good, we look good! 

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Trust our decades of expertise in tailoring and alterations at Ari Tailoring. Our expert seamstresses are ready to provide you outstanding results on all of your alterations projects. We find solutions for every challenging project and thrive on giving you excellent service. Come by the shop and let us transform your piece into exactly what you desire. Your satisfaction is our success!